Orlando, FL. USA


Bringing our wares by world over, in the old world travelers tradition.


Now here, in the new world travelers way.  

As it was in the days of old, our caravan follows the cross of the gypsy trail.


Welcome to Gypsy Blue Trading Co.

 We  are artisans that travel many miles a year.

 Between traveling and selling we are creating beautiful items for our customers to cherish.
We  love meeting new people, seeing new things, visiting  with old friends,

fellow travelers and especially our return  customers.
If  you have seen us at an event and fell in love with something  wonderful that you don't see on our websites,

please do send us a note and ask. I will  be happy to send you pictures and information of what's in stock

or can make you a special custom piece.
We appreciate you and hope you have a wonderful peaceful day.
Safe journeys to you my kumpania, kushti bok! 


 Gypsy Blue Trading Co. 

Beautiful Artisan Jewelry created in ;
   Precious Metals, Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper & Atocha Silver Coin.
   Crystal,  Art Glass,  Beads, Wood, Bone, Horn, Fossil, Butterfly, Gemstone.
   Designs one or very few of a kind;  Surf & Sea Life, Nautical, Celtic, Viking,  Pirate, Mermaid, Fairy, Tribal,    Skulls, Dia de los Muertos,   Steampunk,  Metaphysical,  Boho  &Gypsy .

Hand cast American Made Pewter ;
  Skull  Beads, Buttons, Replica pieces of 8 / Reales treasure coins, Pendants & Conchos.

Costuming & Accessories:

   Cosplay, Pirate, Renaissance, Medieval, Viking, SCA .Ostrich and Peacock Feather  Plumes .
  Tribal / Pirate Hair Beads. 

Pewter ware:

   Dinnerware, Tankards, Flasks.

 Plush Toys; 

    Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids, Monkeys, Bears, oh my!

Home Decor, Nautical Brass & Horn  ;

    Navigational Seafaring Tools, Working Spy Glass, Compass, Powder Horn, etc.

Handcrafted Leather Accessories by DogFish Leathers ;
    Leather accessories by our leather smith DogFish Bob. Custom order carved leather welcomed. 

   Tankards/ Flasks & bottle wraps and holders, Drinking Horns & holders, Skirt Hikes,  

   Dirk/ Knife/ Ax Holders,  

   Coin &  Powder Pouches. 

   Baldrics & Belts, Sword, Knife & Boarding Axe Sheaths, Flintlock & Blunderbuss Holsters,  

   Pipe Holders,Boot straps, Hat Bands, Braided Para-cord Knife Lanyards. 
   Skirt hikes, Bottle hangars, Utility straps, Pipe holders, etc.

 Also look for us at many festivals & Faires  on the east coast of the USA.
    If  you see something wonderful at one of our shows and it's not on the website or would like something      made custom,  just drop us a note.

 Safe Journeys to you my kumpania, kushti bok!



Meet our Artists




Elaine Sheth Designer

 My eclectic designs are inspired from the many places I visit, the  wonderful people I meet, and the unusual natural gemstones that I  discover. 




Reina Huttunen-Kent Designer

I see beauty and design all around me.  Clouds forming interesting shapes,  the awesome colors of a sunset, the textures of the earth. 

Each piece I design naturally develops on its own into something beautiful for the wearer.




Charles Albert, Designer

  Charles  has scoured the globe in search of only the highest‐ quality minerals,  fossils and gemstones in order to create exquisite pieces of wearable art.


DogFish Bob


Athena Designer

Athenas designs are inspired by the sea and the creatures that live there. Her meticulously detailed fine lines and color combinations are amazingly beautiful.


DogFish Bob

DogFish Bob


Mykyla's Silver designs are unique in form and stones.  With a beautiful design and  textured details with mixes not often seen. 

DogFish Bob

DogFish Bob

DogFish Bob

DogFish Bob Leathersmith

Leather smith DogFish Bob lives and breathes leather.  Cutting, carving and sewing. 

Making awesome custom leather accessories 

that show the love of his art.